I have a Twitter now

So I went ahead and also made myself a Twitter account. I'll be posting all the same art there, I'll be liking and retweeting posts by authors and other people I think are neato, and it will likely be a much better place for me to vent and/or shitpost. Here's the link. Feel free to … Continue reading I have a Twitter now


Pay? For art? Neat.

Yesterday I finished up my first art commission and it was pretty fun to do. Nothing major yet, just some icons for my friend's Twitch channel. They're a big fan of Mega Man and wanted some E-Tank icons for channel subs. I'm pretty happy with how these came out even if they were pretty simple … Continue reading Pay? For art? Neat.

Moving at a Decent Clyp (and Running a Tight Shipp)

Hello again!   Man, I feel like I've been neglecting this blog recently. Not intentionally, it's just that things have been busy and the spare time I have given to my art has mostly been for smaller stuff that I didn't feel deserved its own post. I can probably accumulate everything into a sort of … Continue reading Moving at a Decent Clyp (and Running a Tight Shipp)